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Go extra with your shop, enterprise and organization. Focusing the business side of life the Xtr team helps to stay with both feet on the ground, social and what really matters. Made for decicision makers, thought leaders, managers, founders and funders. Connecting on b2b level with much additional information for producing and digital industries. Dive deeper into business and follow our lead for consumers, trading and marketing. With Xtr.Name we help brands. communities and individuals claiming their ground and identity.
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The world of trading, corporations, production, marketing, leaders and experts. While business is a driving force in most societies solving problem is normaly the key factor of a solution for the many. Xtr focuses on what is hot in our daily lives, what is relevant on the practical level - not thet much in possibilities and unsustainable money making. Please thing with us if we do not recommend each trand which is just loud but doesn´t help for real problems. We go extreme when it comes to real-social businesses that truly brings people together. I huge space is security and privacy. As it appears: Digital gives us new options but also makes super vulnerable too.

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Business sources

Ever wanted to know the best best manufacturer, the creators of innovation and life changing services? Of course not the biggest! But there are some business giants you can count on nearly everywhere. The best product lives also by good delivery. Our geo finder service helps to find where and how to get what you need. Xtr is also a naming service for brands and for personal reasons. It is also affiliated with Conect, a platform company of the Web3 with and international-worldwide approach. Going extreme is helpful to understand the benchmarks, your real options. Therefore you will find both: Luxury and low-cost and the good stuff in between.

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Business events & experiences

Especially start-ups are exciting in the beginning. New, bigger, smarter, healthier, .. hope and support of partners. How great, once the products and services have hit the market and reviews show: We hit it! You hit it! Xtr is not a story machine for stories but is inspiring to expand our competences and livestyles. We prefer to get the word out they way you and we can do the same thing at our place. Both feet on the ground, learniing from a front runner and participating in the same success and maybe even growing together in partnerships. Our part = our business news with vlog posts, how-tos, meeting rooms for partnerships. | The top10 of each month will make it to the front page or get promoted otherwise. | You want to send test-offers? Here you go: Write us and we will be happy to give it a shot.

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Business benefits & advantages

Xtr stands for extra, extreme and next. Benchmarking services and products is our program. Users deserve the best as most really work hard to get to higher lifestyle level. Cheaper but not cheap. Luxurious in function and output but not overpriced. Exclusive but not unpractical. Join in and taste the cream of everything.
For some the price is the decision. Those need support, like donations, funding or simply the best selection where they live. For others the perfect function is ultimate, the price is secondary. For special others sustainability is part of the decision: What does it cost nature and others now and in the future to have this product? In that sense Xtr is not a business review service but a helper in a over-complexing world where more an more people understand less of the consequenzes their decisions have.

Free business tips

Our posts are filled with supporting hints and explanations and contacts to support greater impact.

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Business for business

"Money makes the world go round .." is what anyone can observe. Even governments became traders or calculate according to business rules. Getting some understanding of the why and especially the how is mandatory for becoming an active player, a founder, a funder. Currently the world is radically changing again. | Feel free to present your expertise, service-product through an article, post, video and even online meetings. | Known and less influential influencers will try to influcence us for better and new business. While having our own channels Xtr is always happy to promote others too for spreading positive and life changing innovations to as many places as possible. Yes, Xtr is probably your new business class partner in marketing. | As you can see on the Xtr channels: Lots of space to serve ads. Feel free to order some for you. | Great niches offer a lot to jump on this train:

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Business news streams

Everything for business Yes, the Xtr team is very naughty and loves to chat and broadcast. Space tech is nice but what meets our needs most in the here and now is pretty much our starting point. Worldwide personal connections allow us to have insights beyond the filtered mainstream outputs. | No business guides for business owners but decision maker news help to maneuver in analogue and digital worlds alike. | Not yet installed but we intend to establish a live-stream for entrepreneurs who have cooperation and community projects others could participate in. Get this name as extra business portal for leaders, traders and marketing.

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Want a great starting point with this topic? While you read this on the internet we focus on the real world, on real experiences and individual results for you right where you are. Deeper insights, discounts and an important starting point diving into mainstream and beyond. Fun and facts for your daily life guaranteed.
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Hook in and get your business to a broader audience. Your way to influence the xtr audience is by sharing relevant content by text, audio and video. Our focus: Quality content for real life context.
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